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Concraig Farm

Bed, breakfast and more..

Concraig Farm represents the realization of a dream.
An elegant cottage nestled in the beautiful estate of Drummond, in the countryside of Perthshire, where the green pastures of sheep and enchanted forests leave room for the wonder of the Highlands.
The quiet and the silence of nature blend with the Scottish culture and tradition intoxicating the senses and conveying a feeling of well-being.




Discover a land of wild mountain landscapes, spotted with glens and lochs of glacial origin. 

Hounting and fishing


Scotland is internationally famous for its fieldsports. There is so much quality and so much variety. Discover them with us.

Family moments

Whatever your perfect family day is, you will find it here. Either you love playing outdoors, diving into history or trying different things.

Cultural sites

Its main cities are Edinburgh, the capital, and Glasgow, but you can also easily visit Perth, Dundee, Oban, Inverness and many others.

Sports and more

Many sports can be played in this beautiful land, such as golf, cycling, hiking and much more...

Market tour 


Visit House of Bruar, Scotland's most prestigious independent shop. A chance to discover all the tradition of this land. 

We are very delighted
to work with our partners who support us during
this adventure.

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